The Proposal

Taken from Tera's Blog

//First, here's a little 'back story' on how Dan and I met...

Back in early 2004 I joined the Southern Tier Young Professionals, aka 'STYP'. Which meant I filled out their membership form online and paid the membership fee via paypal without having so much as met another 'young professional'. It would be another 5 months before I got around to going to a 'STYP Event'.

At the end of June, my daughters had left for Saugerties to spend the summer with my parents and I had some free time to myself. A perfect opportunity to finally see what 'STYP' was all about. So I signed up (online, again - see a pattern?)for their mini golf tournament. I missed the first one, but the second one was at the mini golf course just a few miles from my office.

On the night of the tournament, I went directly to Skate Estate (skating, mini golf AND waterslide!) from work and was a bit too early because I stood there for about 20 minutes before anyone else showed up.

The next person to show up was dressed in hawaiian shorts, a pilsbury doughboy tshirt, and had REALLY curly hair. (Call Weird Al! Someone stole his hair!) . Once other people started to arrive, and I correctly guessed they were the people from STYP, I found out the 'curly haired' guy's name was Dan.

Though he didn't talk to me before, or during the golf game (I wound up in the group AHEAD of Dan's), we wound up sitting near each other at Friendly's afterward and talked for the rest of the night.

To make a long story even longer, we started dating a month later and have been together ever since. (There's another interesting story about that month in between when we met and when we started dating involving volleyball, an airshow and some drunken rugby players - but that's another story)

//Ok, enough backstory for now.

Once the school year started, I really didn't have time to go to any more STYP events. But when STYP planned for the dinner club to be at the Thai restaurant 4 blocks from my house on the day after my birthday, Dan and I decided to get a babysitter and make an evening of it.

The babysitter, Dan's friend Jessie, was suppose to arrive an hour early because Dan wanted to run some errands before dinner at 7. Unfortunately, there had been a massive accident on the highway that forced all the eastbound traffic on to the local roads, and resulted in Jessie arriving at 6:30.

Dan INSISTED that we still had time to run errands over in Vestal before dinner. But with traffic still tied up from the accident, I didn't want us to be late for dinner, and Dan grudgingly agreed to go directly to the restaurant.

I was enjoying dinner, though it was a bit on the slow side, and Dan seemed really anxious to get going. I asked him what he needed to do over in Vestal.

Dan : I need to go to Target
Me : For what?
Dan : Toothpaste. *pause* And a toothbrush
Me : ??? There's an Eckerd drugstore between my house and the restaurant, you can stop there.
Dan : They don't have the kind I like.

Now I'm thinking, "....of all things to be difficult about, he picks TOOTHPASTE. Fine, I guess we're going to Target...."

We leave the restaurant at 9 PM and I again suggested to Dan that he drop me off at home so Jessie didn't have to wait for both us to get back from Vestal. Dan insisted it wasn't a problem and pulled out of the parking lot going AWAY from my house.

"Ok...", I thought, "I can at least get some storage containers from Target if he absolutely insists on going.".

About a quarter of a mile from the store, Dan turns off the parkway on to a side road. When I question him about it, he said he forgot he had something else to do while we were in Vestal. As we were driving by Skate Estate, I said "Look honey! Mini-Golf!", at which point Dan pulls into the parking lot and up to the gate in front of the mini-golf course.

There on the gate, was a sign which read 'I *heart* Tera'. It had been 30 weeks since our first date. :) (Dan had put the sign up before coming over to pick me up to go to dinner.) I asked Dan if I could take the sign home with us and got out of the car. Mind you, it's the end of February, there's a foot of snow on the ground and the windchill is -20. I planned on making short work of removing the sign from the gate and getting back in the car!

Dan hopped out of the car at the same time I did, but went around the back of the car. By the time I had the sign off the gate and turned around, Dan was down on one knee (in the snow!) and proposed on the very spot where we first met. Obviously, I said yes. :)

We got back in the car and started back towards the restaurant (we didn't go to Target after all) Dan called his parents to give them the news. Dan had us on speakerphone, so I could hear his mother when she asked if I had said yes. Dan's response... "Well, she got back in the car..."