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Tera Doty & Daniel Blance


Tera was born and raised in Saugerties, NY, the oldest child of Chris and Bilieta Doty. Along with her younger brother, Chris, they lived in the same house where their mother had grown up. Tera's grandparents, Bill and Antoinette, were right next door. More often than not, Tera cut through the front door of their house and out the back door to get into the back door of her own.

Tera was a bit of a tomboy, and spent a lot of her childhood chasing and collecting frogs, spiders, birds and snakes. Mom made sure they remained 'outdoor pets', by relegating them to the backyard storage shed, from where they would often escape. Fortunately for Mom, this ended when Tera left for Binghamton University where she eventaully earned a degree in Biology.

These days, Tera still enjoys going fishing with Dan and her two daughters, Rachel and Diana. Though the girls seem to have an unnatural fear of spiders...

Tera is the Technical Support Specialist with Center for Learning and Teaching where she is responsible for webdesign and multimedia development on several university sponsored centers, grants and departments.



Dan was born in Silver Springs, Maryland. His parents moved into the house they live in now when he was a year old. He did too.

He has an older brother Mike and a younger sister Lisa. They got along extremely well, almost never drawing blood when they fought.

Dan went to Chenango Valley High School. He was active in choir and did plays and even ran track a couple of years. He met buddies Kevin and Scott in 7th grade and still enjoys hanging out with them.

During his two years at Broome Community College, he met Steve and Mary Kaysa, and Joe Davies. Steve and Joe and Dan spent a lot of time studying and playing basketball. The next two years at Clarkson University went by pretty quick – more studying and less socializing.

Dan worked at IBM while at BCC, and at NYSEG in power plants while at Clarkson. So of course when he graduated college, he got a job from his brother, mowing lawns. Then winter came and Dan got serious about the job hunt and got back in at NYSEG but doing natural gas work, where he’s been for 17 years.

During the time he developed a lot of close friends at work and the Ale House, and became a decent volleyball player and a terrible bowler, both games he still enjoys

He’s active at his church, loves volleyball, reading, baking and the family life. As far as Tera knows, he loves doing dishes too ;)





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