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                      South Network research centers built Insulating Materials Testing Laboratory Analysis


                      Guangdong Province, relying on "leading talent" project "a new insulation material research and application of technology" and the company's major science and technology projects "DC cable system key technology research", South Network research centers recently in UHV technology (Kunming) National Engineering Laboratory completed commissioning and use part of the training of an insulating material for analysis and testing instruments and equipment. The lab will work to carry out innovative research and application of advanced insulation materials and the company has a forward-looking national and major strategic needs, and planning and related manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province carried out jointly by the practical application of research and technology transfer advanced insulation materials and structures.


                      Electrical insulating materials analysis laboratory equipped to carry out a series of electrical insulating material, physical and chemical properties and morphological analysis equipment, including desktop scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, etc., it can be used to research new insulation materials and high-voltage equipment insulation failure analysis in the field, such as research on preparation and application of nonlinear insulating materials, and properties of nano-filled power transformer insulating oil prepared, and an insulating structure (material) fault residue materials resulting in physical, chemical and morphological changes of aging analysis and judgment.


                      The lab in the formation process, the research team gradually carry out new insulation material preparation and electrical, physical and mechanical properties of materials analysis and performance parameters of the simulation analysis, it has been published in academic journals and conference published more than 30 domestic and foreign, to apply more than 20 patents. At the same time, the lab will combine the actual production demand, to carry out grid power transmission equipment insulation material quality analysis testing, quality control of products from the production source of raw materials, equipment procurement for enterprises to improve quality control and equipment operation and management level to play an active role

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