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                      Zhejiang Rongtai Technical Industry Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise as well as a vice president unit of National Insulation Material Industry Association, which is mainly engaged in high-performance insulation materials and takes the lead of scale, product technologies and innovation capacity in the same industry, with the subsidiaries including Rongtai Leipasi, Rongtai Electric, Rongtai Plastics, etc.


                      Rongtai insulation paint, pouring adhesives, polymer materials, engineering plastics, mica tapes for motors, refractory mica tapes, mica plates, mica specially-shaped parts and other products have been widely applied to the fields of large & medium high-voltage motors, generators, medium & small motors, wires & cables, electrical appliances, high-speed railways, metallurgy, buildings, home appliances and so on most of which have taken the advanced level of product technologies and quality in China and won high trust from famous manufacturers at home and abroad.


                      Our company has passed Quality Management System certification, Environmental Management System certification and Clean Production System certification. All the leading products have passed UL certification.


                      Rongtai insists on exerting features and advantages in terms of technical innovation, enterprise management, customer service, brand construction and so on. In the business tenet of “Create customer value with professional quality”, our company is devoted to providing support and service for technical progresses, quality stability, cost reduction and other aspects of customers through our products, winning mutual benefits and common development for both parties.

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